Welcome to Dotty Birds

Welcome to Dotty Birds


Dotty Birds was started by two friends Caroline and Frankie who had a shared passion for creativity. We felt that everyone should get the chance to free their imagination and have fun whilst creating something unique that they could then keep and use as wall art. 

We went on to develop the idea of creating a complete activity pack that included the shape, buttons and glue, everything you need in one pack. We then tested the market at a few small shows and workshops and soon realised what a special product we had and its huge potential for getting people, especially children, to engage in crafting making a change from using technology to have fun. The feedback from customers was amazing. Everything else grew from this point.

The packs can also be adapted for use in care and residential homes, rehabilitation centres, SEN schools and many more therapeutic outlets. They are also ideal for children’s parties.

Please see our Button It BIG BOX page for details

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