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About Our Products

Great as gifts

Each shape is packaged in beautifully designed packs complete with instructions and everything needed for decoration. This makes them ideal as gifts. They are suitable for all ages so can be given to both adults and children to use. 
If you are looking for a gift that is a little bit different then our activity packs are perfect. They’re ideal for those who enjoy being creative, have an artistic side or want an activity that incorporates mindfulness, fun, the joy of painting, sticking and making your own special keepsake.

Family fun

These packs are a fantastic way to keep children entertained. You can sit around the table creating individual designs or work on one shape together. We recommend you complete this activity without the distraction of TV or internet. Focussing on the activity will give you the chance to engage in conversation and share some family time together. You’ll create a lovely keepsake that can be kept for years to come.

Group activities

We can put together bulk packs for use in schools, youth clubs, care homes, support groups and other organisations. These can be tailored to suit and will include shapes and decorative items. We can pack a selection of shapes or you can choose the amount of each shape as required. 

Great as gifts

In a society where we have so many distractions it’s easy to get caught up in being busy. We often forget to make time for ourselves and be present in the moment.
Mindfulness tasks allow us to focus on what we are doing and help us train our attention. Mindfulness tasks are good for reducing stress, focussing your mind and relaxing.
Our activity packs are fun and enjoyable but also require your focus. Ideal for when you want to take a break from the demands of life

Take a break from digital distraction

Technology has advanced so fast in the last few decades and it seems we now spend most of our time staring at screens. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs have replaced old fashioned toys, books and games.
If you are looking for something to engage your children that doesn’t involve technology then our activity packs are ideal. Switch off from the digital word and get your children involved in arts and crafts for a different experience.
Give your brain a rest from the glare of a screen. Our easy to use, creative activity packs are a perfect way to have fun, use your imagination and occupy your mind without relying on gadgets. Turn off the tech and get creative.